Small Room Visuals

Choose Joel from Small Room Visuals for your wedding videography needs. Joel’s film style is best described as natural and warm, with a touch of modern funk that brings a unique edge to every project. He is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is considered “standard” in the film industry, creating films that genuinely reflect who you are.

Joel’s approach on the day of your event is all about creating a stress-free environment filled with trust and fun. He ensures you never feel awkward in front of the camera, whether he’s lightening the mood with dad jokes or breaking out some dance moves to Shakira during your portrait session. This relaxed atmosphere allows your true personality to shine through, resulting in a film that captures authentic emotions and interactions.

Joel’s goal is to document the magic of your wedding day without manufacturing fake moments. He focuses on capturing genuine connections, ensuring your film is a true representation of your special day. At Lone Pine Estate, we trust Joel to capture every magical moment, making your wedding memories truly unforgettable.

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